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  Offer 2008


Offer 2008


Sandor Boarding House can offer you accommodation:

11 places in two locations within the same courtyard

The first location is the wooden chalet, which has: 2 rooms with one bed + 1 room with two double beds + 1 bathroom. - a wooden construction destined for tourism, in a hospitable ambience.

The villa has a ground floor and a first floor. In it, there is a room that has its own bathroom and is situated on the ground floor. On the ground floor there is also the kitchen with its cooking stove and gas cooker, a fridge and all that is necessary for preparing meals. The courtyard has a parking lot, a garage, a pavilion and a grill for meat and minced meat rolls (mici). Among the fir trees, there is a playing ground for children.

The second location: 3 rooms, each with its own bathroom, living room and kitchen provided with a fridge and cooker and all that is necessary for preparing meals. There is also central heating with wood.

    Recreation Possibilities

  • Fishing and Hunting;

  • Riding carriages or sleighing

  • Hiking in the fir-tree woods

  • Picking up mushrooms, berries

  • Trips by minibus to the Western Mountains National Park http://www.parcapuseni.ro/

  • Transylvanian parties in he fir-tree courtyard

  • Visiting the old church at the center of the locality

From here you can go on trips to:

  • The Castles of Ponor http://www.padis.ro/ (Cetatile Ponorului)

  • The Bride’s Veil Waterfall in Rachitele (Valul Miresei)

  • The Bears’ Cave (Ursilor)

  • Padis tourist complex

  • The Altar’s Cave (Altarului)

  • The Little Ladder’s Cave (Scarisoara)

  • Iancu’s Cross in Fantanele

  • Horea’s Fir-Tree in Scorojet

    The Fantanele Lake and Dam

    Plus a whole lot of other ways of spending your vacation in a pleasant manner.

  • Meals

    Sandor Boarding House offers meal services in full or half-board style. The food is cooked in the house - “ca la mama acasa” (as if your own mother had cooked it) -, natural, fresh and wholesome. For breakfast, but also in the evenings, you can enjoy milk fresh from the cow and eggs just taken from the hens’ nest! The dessert represents the crowning of the meal and we will dearly serve you with home-baked cookies. On the house – when you arrive – you will be served a local snack and a bilberry brandy.


    Tariffs: (except the winter holidays’ interval).



    accommodation (RON / room / a day):


     all the chalet = 150 RON / a day

     partial camping = 30/RON/ person / a day

     in the rooms having their own bathroom = 35 RON / person / a day

    For extra meals (RON / person):

     breakfast = 8 RON

     lunch = 20 RON

     dinner = 15 RON

    Other Services:

    An extra bed 0 RON

    Using the kitchen and its facilities 0 RON

    Children up to 6 years old – no charge

    Children between 7 and 10 years old - 50% discount

    Spoken Languages:

    - English

    - French


    If you want to spend a dream holiday, then we gladly welcome you to this wonderful place called http://www.pensiuneasandor.ro. Don’t think about it twice and we guarantee you will be pleased with the choice you made!

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