You come as a tourist

and leave as our… friend

Here, at Beliş, nature is so lavish with its beauties, that you are at a loss as in what direction to glance first: towards the tall fir-trees covering in a green coat the mountain slopes, towards the rivers and lakes flowing in clear-crystal waters or towards the bunches of flowers which greet you every step of the way, seeming to say:



…a country where riches, natural beauties and human accomplishments are harmoniously intertwined and impress every traveler with their presence and picturesque quality. The environment’s various forms and the ecosystem present there makes the place a scenery for pleasurable relaxation. The inhabitants are rightfully proud of their past, as well as of the surrounding landscape, so that whoever visits these places finds here beauty, balance and, of course, humane treatment. Wherever there are hikers, you simply can’t refrain from not roaming across paths on which, using a little imagination, you may go back in time to historical figures, valiant deeds, turning points and happenings from the past which are memorable. People like the Western Mountaineers are firm, handsome, either serene or gloomy, fair, undaunted and, most of all, hospitable to those who cross their threshold with good intentions. Somebody once said that the harmony of mountains cannot be understood in the city (in front of the computer), but by rambling across them from one end to the other. Come and see the wonderful places in the Western Mountains and you will go away more satisfied, handsomer and better.



Traveler, you will find what you want only if you roam!

We travel not so much in order to see the world, but so as to understand it and perhaps to understand ourselves also. We invite you to find places full of charm, which you will surely keep in your mind and heart, to look in the lake’s mirror so as to find your own self, to breathe in the fresh mountain air smelling of resin.